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EDS/HSD Resource Spotlight

Whether you are seeking a diagnosis, recently diagnosed, or further along on your EDS/HSD journey, these 3 resources are essential:

The Ehlers-Danlos Society is global nonprofit organization dedicated to change and progress in EDS and HSD since 2016. Individuals and healthcare professionals can access comprehensive resources including education, research, a health professionals directory, support groups, and much more.

The Hypermobility Happy Hour podcast, launched in 2019, is the first podcast focusing solely on topics of hypermobility. Host Kerry Gabrielson interviews specialists with diverse areas of expertise, several of whom contributed chapters to the medical textbook, Disjointed. Kerry also raises awareness about the patient experience in the chapter she contributed.

Disjointed is a medical textbook published in 2020, where Diana Jovin brings together the voices of physicians and providers with deep clinical experience in the care and management of hEDS with the hope that those with hypermobility disorders will have the tools, resources, and knowledge to seek and achieve intervention and support with less frustration and misdiagnosis and in a more complete way.

More EDS/HSD resources are becoming available, and many of the providers sharing these have a personal connection and are passionate about supporting this community. All of the IG accounts followed by @HypermobilityPsychotherapist are EDS/HSD resources. Browse them to explore more helpful content.

Check out the three essentials mentioned above, and share this post to reach more Zebras!


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