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Maddy Kolker, MS, NCC, PLPC 

Maddy draws from their experiences working in hospitals, theatre, and teaching settings to cultivate a creative and warm therapeutic environment.


They practice narrative therapy and draw from relational frameworks. This means that they co-work with clients to consider the contexts, cultures, and structures of power which influence and create their worlds. Through this effort, Maddy helps clients relate to “problems” as culturally specific phenomenons that exist outside of us.

More About Maddy

Maddy also helps clients explore relationship dynamics inside and outside of the therapy room. They enjoy working with their fellow queer and trans community. They see children and adults of all ages and work with relationships. They are particularly interested in exploring grief and identity.


Maddy received a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Loyola University. They are trained in EMDR, including EMDR for children and adolescents, various somatic therapies, and mindfulness interventions. They offer in-office sessions and walking/outdoor therapy, as well as Telehealth. Maddy also facilitates outdoor group therapy in New Orleans City Park!

Work with Maddy

Availability: 9am-8pm, Monday through Friday

Rates: $100/50 min 

Sessions longer in duration are priced according to this fee scale of $2 per minute. Groups, workshops, and other services are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Get in touch to schedule an in-office, walking/outdoor, or Telehealth session!



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