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Accelerated treatment programs are designed for those ready to dive deep into trauma healing.


These are often done in adjunct with primary therapy.


A short-term and intensive format offers faster relief and results.

A workbook informs treatment, allowing goals to be addressed before, during, and after sessions. (optional)

Sessions are with Averie McCauley, LCSW-BACSvia Telehealth.

Customized Programs

Accelerated Healing


Intensive sessions are customizable in length, frequency, and with or without a workbook. Generally, aiming to meet more than once per week for 90 minute sessions works well with the aid of a workbook to inform treatment.


After an initial interview session, workbook review (optional), treatment planning, and resource installation typically take place over one to two sessions. Processing often occurs over the following two to three sessions, with the last session including a post treatment interview. Additional and/or ongoing sessions are available for those wanting long-term support.


Total cost is based on program design. Rates range from $165/50 minute to $300/90 minute. Superbills are available for out-of-network reimbursement. An example program package of 10 hours (six 90-minute sessions) with workbook customization and review is $2000. Fees may be paid over the course of the program, at the time of each session.

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