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Wandering Together:
Outdoor Group Therapy

Wandering Together is an outdoor therapy group, facilitated by Maddy Kolker, PLPC, and Lauren McWhorter, PLPC. It involves walking meditations in nature, expressive eco arts therapy, sensory awareness activities, and verbal group processing. We encourage any adult to reach out regarding accessibility needs.

“Wandering Together" is a place to get in touch with yourself, others, and nature.

Existentialist therapist, Victor Frankl, posited that humans find meaning through opening their hearts to others, to the natural environment, and to themselves. We will practice all three of these.


Walking induces bilateral stimulation, which helps integrate our emotional and cognitive experiences. As a result, we gain a greater ability to process our thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, walking, being in nature, and expanding our sensory awareness can all help to integrate our nervous system, which can support emotional regulation, mindfulness, trauma recovery, and more.


Our group will meet once a week at City Park. We will start each group with a short check in, engage in a nature based walk and/or activity, and then sit together for a group conversation. Our conversations may include elements of art therapy inspired by the natural world, themes that come up during the activities, or support around each other's lives.

Let's Wander Together!

New Orleans City Park

Wednesdays at 6pm

September 11th - October 30th

8 sessions

Limited to 8 participants

When weather is a barrier, the group will meet indoors at Crescent City Psychotherapy and Wellness.

Registration is open! Please see the registration form for pricing details. Sliding scale spots are available. 

We will discuss in detail our commitment to confidentiality, especially when working together in a public outdoor space. 

Contact Maddy Kolker, PLPC, with questions:

504-408-1255 |

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